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Indian Valley Travel empowers travelers to get directly involved in community projects and conservation efforts.  Support our efforts by joining our trips or by donating to IVT or our partner organizations.  We recommend to all of our supporters to stay connected to IVT for the latest trips, news, and events about Adventure Voluntourism.

Join an Expedition

Indian Valley Travel Sustainable Graphic Sustainable Trips  
Indian Valley Travel specializes in creating adventure travel programs that benefit the local communities that we visit and the environment that surrounds them. Each program has been carefully chosen to provide the maximum benefits to the recipients while providing a high quality adventure opportunity for our travelers
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Indian Valley Travel Accessible Graphic Accessible Trips
Indian Valley Travel supports adaptive lifestyles for those with special needs.  Our commitment to no traveler left behind is expressed in our offering of accessible trips where both travelers with and without needs travel together to support each other and the communities we visit.
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Give a Donation

Non-monetary donations are not being collected at this time.

Donate to IVT    
As tax deductible non-profit organization, IVT relies on contributions from donations to support our trips and operations of the company.  All non-trip donations collected by IVT go directly towards our partner project programs located throughout the world and to support the continued fundraising efforts for our chartable partner organizations.

Donate to IAHD Americas
Support Adaptive Lifestyles by donating to the IAHD-Americas.  The International Association for Handicapped Divers (IHAD) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the magic of the underwater world with as many people as possible by offering adaptive SCUBA training.  IAHD-Americas was established to bring the IAHD message and mission to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Based at the Academy of Deeper Education center in Harleysville, PA, the IAHD-Americas dive training facility is within one day's drive of over 100 million people. In-house and on-site training programs are conducted year-round for dive centers, instructors and resorts throughout the territory.

Donate to a Project
Indian Valley Travel supports and promotes projects throughout the world that are in need of direct support by volunteer efforts and whose mission is ongoing and will benefit from IVT volunteer visits multiple times a year.  IVT also supports and creates new long term projects in destinations where a definable need exists and will be supported by the local community.

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