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Man in wheelchair camping in rough terrain

Adventures Without Boundaries – Everyone Deserves to Play!

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, with all the excitement and adventure you deserve! Awesome Adventures was founded on the belief that everyone is entitled to share in life's journeys, without limits or boundaries.

The Adventure Travel Programs at Awesome Adventures are developed with consideration of accessibility being a key factor in the selection of projects and the creation of the travel packages that connect our participants with the programs in the field.

Every trip is also carefully reviewed for how much the 'Green' factor can be built in, from selecting vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors who share the same environmentally-conscious vision as Awesome Adventures. Working together, trip by trip, we can protect the environment, preserve authentic cultural heritage, and promote the social and economic well-being of the local communities we visit. But while we take our responsibilities to Mother Earth and our fellow citizens very seriously, we also believe that a certain level of sheer joy should be an ingredient in each expedition. And no one deserves fun more than those among us with special needs. Towards that end, our Accessibility Expeditions are just that – fun, in a green sort way!

Our goal is to provide travel opportunities to people of all abilities. An Accessibility Rating (Accessibility Rating Graphic) has been given to each trip and is scaled 1-5 (1 being "most challenging" and 5 being "easy").

What is "Accessibility"?

Now more than just "wheelchair-friendly".
Accessible travel, often referred to as "wheelchair travel" because so many people with disabilities who travel do so in wheelchairs, is not only possible but it can and should be be highly enjoyable.

Awesome Adventures believes in providing vacation opportunities to people of all abilities.

The key to maximizing the fun and minimizing the stress can be found in a combination of advance planning, setting of realistic goals, and some insider travel tips. Asking the right questions. Getting the honest answers. Working with a travel professional who not only understands your needs, but has been to the location, and verified the challenges that might be encountered not only on-site, but along the way too! And the staff at Awesome Adventures also know that special needs come in as many flavors as a rainbow. Physical, mental, or emotional challenges are no challenge when every professional at Awesome Adventures cares so deeply about our mission. Each participant is individually counseled to determine the programs most appropriate for them, and to set realistic goals and expectations for the journey ahead. Surprises in travel are something to be avoided, and we strive to eliminate them by matching the abilities of the participants to the challenges of the experience.

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Accessibility Links

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Amy Purdy (skateboard star)
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John's Hopkins Medical Center
National Institute on Disability & Rehabilitation Research
Barrow Neurological Institute
National Organization on Disability
Disability Foundation
Coleman Foundation
Transverse Myelitis Association

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