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In this day and age, the world has become a very busy place and we are constantly on the move. It’s rare that we get the chance to escape the hustle of our daily lives. At Awesome Adventures, we specialize in helping you escape the daily grind. We have a wide range of trips to many different domestic as well as tropical destinations and extended trips to every corner of the globe, we have something for everyone.

Our Trips

Orphan school children Key Largo Reefs & Wrecks
Trip Highlights: What a way to beat the winter blues and start the season off right!   Our first signature Key Largo excursion of the season starts Thursday evening, and we head home Monday with 14 or more dives under our weight belts!  Beautiful reefs, wrecks, Spiegel Grove wreck penetration dives, USS Duane dives, a couple of optional night dives.....the folks at Indian Valley Scuba know how to do the Keys right!  This trip includes lodging at Amoray Dive Resort, six 2-tank dive trips, tanks, weights, air fills and maybe even a dockside barbecue. 
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Orphan school children Egypt & The Red Sea
Trip Highlights: Explore thousands of years of history both on land and underwater. Experience ancient wonders of Egypt and the marvels of the Red Sea on the same travel program. We’ll spend 15 days & 13 nights exploring some of the world’s oldest cultures along with the superb diving of the Red Sea.
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Orphan school children Bonaire
Trip Highlights: Bonaire, the Jewel of the Caribbean, is divers dream come true! With 75 miles of coastline and over 50 marked dive sites accessible from shore, you can't ask for a greater dive adventure experience! Last time we visited our group did over 30 dives during the week, and still had time to explore the island and mingle with the locals. Want some extra adventure? Join us for some diving on the 'Wild Side', followed by dinner at Mikey's Shack, waaaaay off the beaten track, where we'll enjoy goat, barracuda and a host of of local culinary delights. Airfare is not included, but it's easy to get to Bonaire via Delta or Continental airlines.

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Orphan school children North Carolina Wrecks
Trip Highlights: Head south with IVS as we join our friends at Discovery Dive Center to explore the wrecks that mark the Graveyard of the Atlantic. U-boats, war sinkings, natural disasters and artificial reefs make for some of the best warm water diving in the east. Each year we typically enjoy balmy 85 degree water and over 100 ft. of visibility every day!  And sharks, sharks & more sharks!!  As usual, this IVS trip includes more than your average North Carolina expedition, with three full days of diving (3 locations on days 1 & 2, and 2 spots on day 3).  Eight great dives, underwater sightseeing, photography, lots of wreck penetration, and spearfishing – what a great combination!  And did we mention sharks??

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Orphan school children Cooper River Fossil Hunting
Trip Highlights: Extend your trip to the Carolinas with two more days of blackwater diving in the Cooper River, SC. We'll be digging for giant fossilized shark teeth, civil war relics, and other sunken treasures, with alligators and prehistoric sturgeon as our dive buddies!  Last years tripped produced some very nice trophy teeth, and our hunters are even wiser now, so we're going for monsters this year! Two days, 6 dives, only 6 spots on this special expedition!  

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Orphan school children Andrea Doria
Trip Highlights: Join us for the tech exploration trip of the year, to the Mecca of northeast wreck diving – the Andrea Doria.  This majestic Italian liner, made famous in the book Shadow Diver, lies in 235 feet of dark, cold water in the North Atlantic.  Heading out on the R. V. Garloo, we’ll be spending three days on the site, with two dives per day.  Only a select group of divers with advanced technical certification and plenty of experience required, as well as Trimix or Rebreather certification, will be considered for this journey.

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Orphan school children Florida Keys Wreck Trek
Trip Highlights: What do you get when you combine North Carolina style diving with the Florida Keys? The Indian Valley Scuba exclusive Wreck Trek, that's what! Our ‘Heavy Metal Tour’ for 2012 includes the Who’s Who of sunken treasures, resting on the bottom along the length of the Keys. We’re heading down Saturday and starting this adventure in America’s southernmost city, Key West. We'll spend two nights there, staying at La Concha hotel right on Duval Street, in the heart of Key West's most famous neighborhood. Evenings are on our own as we take in the sights and sounds that make America's southernmost city what it is.

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